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So yes, the answer is that Staffordshire porcelain is all the above, and most collectors of Staffordshire antique porcelain know that this is a very broad category, so they almost always focus their collections on one aspect of Staffordshire porcelain.As a region, Staffordshire became the hub for many English porcelain makers and manufactories because of its close proximity to the source of Devonshire clay, a prime ingredient in the formula for most types of English porcelain.However, the earliest verified appearance of the Staffordshire Knot is on a seal in the British Museum.

Cobalt blue worked so well on the porous surface of unfinished porcelain pieces during the design transfer process, that the flow of the color actually helped hide some of the imperfections that naturally occur in early porcelain production.These marks might be found with the initials or names of the relevant manufacturers.” There are various stories of how the Staffordshire knot came to be; One states that a local Sheriff devised the knot to cut costs by allowing three criminals to be hanged with a single rope.Hard to imagine but England has lived through some barbaric times.This process produced a sturdy utilitarian type of porcelain and was the predominate output for many years.As porcelain makers worked to improve their formulas, a new combination using bone ash was discovered.

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A common potters mark or symbol can be found on large quantities of Staffordshire pottery & porcelain.

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