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I stopped hiim from coming to my weekly fill appts and I do not take off my compression bra to help lessen the view.He has been very good about it and I really think it is because I keep everything under wraps.It's been 4 years since my bi-lateral mastectomy and the same amount of time since my husband has touched me. It took some time but he was very open once he saw that I was comfortable with him seeing me.

When I google it, it's usually the woman not interested in sex. I had to guide my husband through it and let him know how I felt....I was still very much interested and it would be different for both of us.

Now, they are almost non existent, which I imagine yours are also.

I'm not sure if you've had a good sit down conversation. I think he's pretty messed up by the whole thing and now that so much time has gone's just so far gone.

I hope that both of you can see that this was just a bad moment that life has delt and you can be close again.

Best wishes Jan 25, 2015 PM Dr V wrote: As a young husband (30 when my wife was diagnosed) who has been at this for 3 and a half years i can say that for everybody the response will be different.

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