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Zamora said she wanted to be an astronaut and Graham wanted to be a pilot.

They began dating about four years later in August 1995, when they were both high school honor students. She had plans to attend Texas A&M University and was interested in becoming a behavioral analyst.

It did not appear that she had been sexually assaulted, but it was clear that she had been shot and had "blunt traumatic head injury".Class Motto: Copiae Multorum Vis Unius (Forces of Many, Power Of One) THE AMERICAN FLAGSignifies service, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the United States of America.THE CADET CHAPELRepresents the moral and ethical standards which guide us through life.Also, feel free to request me in the future, if you have questions concerning a different matter.Diane Michelle Zamora (born January 21, 1978) is a former United States Naval Academy midshipman and convicted murderer.

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