Dating etiquette for women paying

Women get paid 70% of what men get paid to do the same job. it let’s me know he’s choosing to double benefit from the entitled position that men have always had over women financially.

Oh my gosh, I had this conversation once with my now-boyfriend over an early date, where I had invited him to a nicer restaurant with an impressive beer list that I knew he would love.

“All of a sudden, he’s all, ‘Oh, my phone’s dying and I’m waiting on a call from my mom about my aunt.

I’m going to go to the car to get my charger,’” one of the women scammed by Gonzalez told CBS in May.

In 2017, he invited a Bumble match to a BJ’s Brewhouse in L.

A., where he ordered a steak, a Caesar salad with a side of shrimp, a baked potato, and a glass of wine.

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