Dating fender tweed amplifiers

Plus, in using a pair of them, we shaved about ten pounds of weight off of the amp. We are proud to be associated with Jensen Speakers, and we're looking forward to continued success. intage bargains are still out there if you’re prepared to take the time to look around, and you aren’t too hung up on originality.

Our Lacquered Tweed Blues Junior started as a limited edition, and is now part of our regular everyday offering.

He has every intention of gigging this amp, so the priorities were safety and reliability.

He recognised that much of the amp’s originality had already been lost, and so was open to circuit tweaks and modifications if they resulted in improved tone.

Some sources suggest that the Vibrolux is essentially a 5E3 Deluxe with added tremolo.

However, the Vibrolux circuit is much closer to a tremolo’d tweed Harvard.

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