Dating girl different religion

When I tell people that my boyfriend lives 3,000 miles away in Scotland, they usually gasp, smile bewilderedly, and say, “That must be so hard! However, for quite some time, the distance was not the primary challenge in our relationship. Despite my attempts to evade it, I fell in love with someone whose worldview appeared opposite to my own. I’m an evangelical Christian dating an atheist physicist.

Do you belong to one such family that will never accept your relation with the other person and at the same time you're not ready to go against your family?Our relationship has taught me more about unconditional love than any sermon ever did. Usually, we aren’t even aware of our resistance until it falls away.Here are three lessons that have guided me in my interfaith relationship.1. My partner and I have moments of experimenting with belief systems to better relate to each other.“You never felt that way before,” I heard more than once. ”I wasn't changing for my partner — that is, to please him or hang onto him.Rather, I had changed because of him — our conversations and connection had gently led me down a path of questions and gave me a soft landing ground in which to test my burgeoning ideas.

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