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Neanderthal and Denisovan mt DNA were present in samples from layers 14 and 15, respectively, from the East Gallery, lower than any previous fossil finds.Mt DNA has also been recovered from an equid fossil, dating to around 32,000 years ago, taken from Denisova Cave.The cave, which is approximately 28 m (92 ft) above the right bank of the Anuy River (a left tributary of the Ob), has formed in upper Silurian limestone and contains a floor area of about 270 m (2,900 sq ft). The central chamber, the Main Gallery, contains a floor of 9 m × 11 m (30 ft × 36 ft) with side galleries, the East Gallery and the South Gallery.Cave sediments are rich with remnants of animals, including extinct ones.

A bone needle dated to 50,000 years ago was discovered at the archaeological site in 2016 and is described as the most ancient needle known.), and some 150 km (93 mi) south of Barnaul, the regional capital.Whole genome sequencing and other characterization of Denisova 11 to 2.6-fold coverage showed this specimen belonged to a female at least thirteen years old at the time of death.Denisova 11 was found to be the hybrid progeny of a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father.This Neanderthal is referred to as the Altai Neanderthal.The Altai Neanderthal is estimated to be around 120,000-year-old.

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The equid fossil was identified as coming from Equus ovodovi (Ovodov horse), an extinct species first described based on a 40,000 year old fossil taken from Proskuryakova Cave in Khakassia, Russia.

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