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Because of the stigma of HIV, sharing this private information with someone you are just getting to know can be daunting.

Facing these ups and downs is best done with support from others with HIV who understand the hopes and fears.

Someone’s HIV status should not affect the conversation you are having.

But unfortunately, social stigma doesn’t always make this possible and some people basically run away when they hear you are living with HIV.

I have been living with HIV for almost three years and I have been involved in the HIV response since I was diagnosed.

I was never into the dating scene that much, but I always enjoyed meeting new people.

One common feature of the apps I use is the option to display your HIV status or the last time you had an STI test.” And then I tell them I am actually an HIV activist, which in many cases is not the reaction they expect.I think that disclosing your HIV status is a very personal decision.Now and then, if the guy I am talking to makes a remark or says something that can be discriminatory, I correct them, and then it can get a bit awkward.They usually say something like, “Oh you are one of those LGBT activists, aren’t you?

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After this, some people I was talking to stopped responding.

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