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I am a teacher and work four days a week, and my husband helps take care of our son the days I am working along with his mother.

I do not serve him, but I do probably cook and clean a bit more than he does. Culture will always be an issue in our relationship, but it doesn't have to be a negative issue.

Hi, I am 31 and am with my boyfriend for 14 months. He has never been controlling or even talked about religion to me much. His sisters are little more than servants for the men in the family and it was a culture shock being over there. But I love my boyfriend and see he has a different mentality to his parents, if I make it over 12 weeks he will tell his family about the pregnancy even though us not being married (with no immediate intention to) will cause a mini scandal over there.

He has lived in Europe for 10 years since he was 20 and is fairly westernised in that he drinks alcohol and doesnt pray or go the mosque etc.

If you want to stay together, your child will have to be Muslim, because it's simply not acceptable otherwise. He is his own person compared to those in his family, very kind and thoughtful and down To earth and gentle with how he treats people.

I'm not saying it's totally right, but that is how it is. His family aren't the same, they wish he killed himself and left the house when they found out I was having a baby to him, his brother attempts to have very violent fights with him and his mum just wishes he was dead.

I think the fact that you said you do not even want to go back to Egypt is definitely a warning flag.

So I can't say much about how it's actually worked out living together.

You and your man have to work out what works for your family. I'm married to a Moroccan man, have been for almost three years and our son is almost two.

I think that you know your boyfriend better than we do after 14 months, so only you know what he would be like to live with and be married to etc.

My Muslim Arab bf and I had a baby before we we're married.

In fact, our baby is 18 months now and we're just getting married this summer.

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He is really Muslim in name only and not in lifestyle. I am still concerned about the cultural differences though.

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