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It is just under the free edge, in that portion of the nail where the nail bed ends and can be recognized in fair-skinned people by its glassy, greyish colour.

It is not visible in some individuals while it is highly prominent on others.

Delayed return to pink color can be an indicator of certain shock states such as hypovolemia.

Deep, horizontally transverse grooves known as "Beau's lines" may form across the nails (horizontal, not along the nail from cuticle to tip).

These lines are usually a natural consequence of aging, although they may result from disease.

Discoloration, thinning, thickening, brittleness, splitting, grooves, Mees' lines, small white spots, receded lunula, clubbing (convex), flatness, and spooning (concave) can indicate illness in other areas of the body, nutrient deficiencies, drug reaction or poisoning, or merely local injury.

When the pressure is released, the normal pink colour should be restored within a second or two.In mammals, the growth rate of nails is related to the length of the terminal phalanges (outermost finger bones).Thus, in humans, the nail of the index finger grows faster than that of the little finger; and fingernails grow up to four times faster than toenails.and the composition of the nail includes 7–12% water.This permeability has implications for penetration by harmful and medicinal substances; in particular cosmetics applied to the nails can pose a risk.

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Standard hygiene and sanitation procedures avoid transmission.

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