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So I mentioned last time that I had a challenge in creating a crowded movie theater. I have no idea if or when I will finish this sequel, but I am having a lot of fun giving myself challenges and meeting them.

It is like a really different video game, with daily new mission and quests to get around.

So basically I am reducing a 2 hour movie to a 3 panel comic strip and finding it very easy to do.

The road is the model I used for the new trip to the look put point in the dating game, I am just reusing it.

The girl is a flawed character I got cheap, and the guy doing the driving is the generic “Michael 4” which I decided I would need later on, and DAZ was selling it this week at half price.

The ice cream parlor date is not a particularly interesting one, but it is a low hanging fruit in which to start.

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Its a fairly generic story, and even with 8 pictures, it is still up to the player to make up their own plot for the stills.

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