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The pistols are generally true to the final version of the 1911A1, with the exception of stainless steel barrels, skeletonized hammers, and in some cases an accessory rail for the mounting of lights and lasers.The company makes both full-size Government and smaller Commander handguns, the latter with a barrel three quarters of an inch shorter than the five-inch Government barrel and a slightly shorter slide.

The 1911 E-Series is generally true enough to form to satisfy 1911 purists.

Smith & Wesson Model 442 Pro Series In Smith & Wesson’s lettering system the smallest revolvers use the so-called “J frame,” and one of the smallest revolvers of all is the Model 442 Pro Series.

Designed as a concealed carry revolver, the 442 is chambered in .38 Special and can handle more powerful, higher pressure P rounds.

The revolver is double action only, meaning a single pull with both advance the cylinder to fresh round and release the firing pin, firing the gun.

The 442 lacks a hammer, allowing for a smoother draw from under clothing.

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