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Making the choice to abstain from sex is much like dieting.It shifts every aspect of your life, and if there isn’t a set goal or intent, it’s easy to fall off the wagon and relapse on the things that are problematic.Given the fact that you’ve been dating for quite some time, you’re at a place where you know each other’s triggers.The best thing to do when transitioning is to avoid those triggers.Making the choice isn’t easy, and there will be some highs and lows, especially when you’re in a relationship and you really want it to work with the person you love.It’s a tough transition, but not an impossible one.It affects you in a physical way, but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.It affects the way you interact with others, and it affects the way you love and view yourself.

Transitioning to a sexless relationship when sex was routine is tough, but with time, patience and willpower from both involved, it’s not impossible.

You wake up one day and decide you’re bored with the way things are going in your relationship, therefore, you find yourself less and less in the mood for sex.

There’s no intimacy in your relationship, and you just want things to change, so you think going without sex is the answer to getting things back on the good foot.

You must remain abstinent from alcohol while you take this medication. Sometimes, being abstinent helps you to break an addiction.

"Abstinent" is a word that means "to refrain oneself from indulging in a desire".

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Being celibate, or rather, abstaining from sex for a period, seems to be a lifestyle choice that many people are making these days in the hopes of strengthening their bonds and building something more wholesome with another individual.

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