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Perfectionism, when not carried to extremes, can be a good trait in certain jobs such as accounting, engineering, and others.

People with OCPD remain obsessed with perfection and strict adherence to the rules to the extent that they fail to see the bigger picture, and “miss the forest for the tress." Such obsession impedes their ability to get things done.

They devote excessive time to ensure perfection, tend to do things themselves and refuse to delegate fearing that others will not be able to do the work right.

I’d taken myself out of the whole coupling game for five years. I thought I was a rapist, a murderer, an abomination before God. But, because I liked them, I also didn’t want always to avoid them. For example, could not invite people to hang out but we could hang out if they invited me.

“That’s the main part of your therapy.” “I just don’t know if that’s a nice reason to date someone.

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