Dating stuart minature steam engines value

I think that to .000.00 for a running 45 to 60 hp Case is a fair price.

If it needs work then the value can drop, if it is pristine then it should go up. George cost around 20K and cost about that again to repair.

New tubes, cast rocking grates, front door and ring. As you can see, steam tractors can vary all over the place in value from 00.00 for a yard ornament to 0,000.00 for a rare one.

Any available items within the Stuart range can be supplied, including machined kits and workshop models.At Berrybrook, we always have an excellent range of top quality miniature steam engines for sale.All engines listed here are subject to an extensive examination and appraisal - they will be supplied with the correct paperwork and (unless alternative arrangements have been made with the client) a new commercial boiler certificate carried out by a third party who is neither directly involved in our workshop nor our sales.Both of these tractors sell well in excess of the other sized because there are so few of them.Case is a very popular brand so it commands about 25% more for the same condition of tractor.

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