Dating trust fund kid dating someone while going through divorce

Annie's father, Will, hires a private investigation firm in New Jersey and even stealing a collection of his daughter's chat conversations with Charlie from the FBI.

The private investigation proves fruitless, as it is discovered Charlie masks his IP address so his location shows up as the Czech Republic.

Annie is upset at first, but he charms her into going with him to a motel.

A few more days pass, and although Charlie has not been identified, DNA evidence proves he has sexually abused several other young girls.At home, Annie confronts her father, and insists that she wants to move on with her life.Annie hears from Brittany about a website in which people are belittling the fact that she was raped and posting photo manipulations of her in pornographic poses, as well as revealing her phone number and address.The assaulted man chooses not to press charges for fear that he will be outed as a sex offender to his family.Will apologizes to the man but Annie feels humiliated.

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