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talked to the experts to clear up some of the most stubborn, and most dangerous, myths about intimate partner violence. From 2003–2012, domestic violence accounted for nearly a quarter of all violent victimizations.

"Many people think domestic violence is uncommon and it hardly ever exists anymore," Katie Ray-Jones, president of the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH) and the National Dating Abuse Helpline (NDAH), told

It is essential to raise awareness among our peers so we can recognize dating violence and have the resources to help one another.

Educating young men and women to be responsive bystanders is a key element to ending dating violence.

" Twitter answered back with #Why IStayed and #Why ILeft, in which survivors shared their stories of why they remained in abusive relationships and why they eventually got out.

Yet misconceptions persist — that abuse is a private matter, that women who stay with abusive partners are simply weak-willed, that women are just as abusive as men. One in four women, and 1 in 7 men, will experience relationship violence in their lives.

"Conversations about domestic violence always come back to, 'Why does the woman stay?

'" says Michelle Kaminsky, the lawyer that Brooklyn district attorney Kenneth Thompson appointed as the chief of the DA's office's Domestic Violence Bureau.

Education on healthy relationships exists at our college campuses, but there needs to be more education in middle and high schools, the media, and in the community at large; without proper education, information about resources, and how to stand up against it, dating violence will continue unchecked.

Recently, the White House released its “1 is 2 Many” campaign to raise awareness on dating violence.

As young adults we encourage our peers to take a stand against dating violence….because one is too many.

An abuser may initially be charismatic and caring before slowly starting to wear away at your self-esteem by criticizing you, implying you simply aren't good enough, and isolating you from family and friends.

Then, it's less shocking and harder to leave when verbal abuse begins, or when it segues into physical abuse.

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