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With that in mind, here are my six essential keys to writing a winning profile: 1. Instead of writing “I love to travel and see new places,” try writing it this way: “Traveling is my passion.

6 Essential Tips To Writing A Better Online Dating Profile By David Wygant Over the ten years I’ve been coaching men and women, I have been coaching people in all facets of dating. I’ve been teaching people how to date Online since it began.Instead, why not put up a picture of you volunteering, or how about a funny picture of you cooking for a dinner party? This includes putting up photos of you in different life situations.Put up pictures that show that you have interests in activities other than alcohol consumption. For instance, you may put up one picture of you in business attire, one picture of you in play mode, and one picture of you with your dog.This allows women who read your profile to think you’re great . I volunteer at the local homeless shelter and spend three hours helping others feel better about themselves.” Something like this shows a woman what type of person you are . Your pictures are part of what makes or can ruin a good profile.Your pictures should also help to create a feeling of emotion inside a woman.

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