Dealing with intimidating employees dating leads to marriage

Here is a list of considerations: Is it because of this person’s reputation?

You may feel intimidated if the person’s reputation precedes them.

Do they behave in a way that leaves you puzzled and not knowing what to do next? You probably don’t see them behaving meekly, rather, you see their fight response, shrouded as intimidation or aggression.

Is it because you don’t have a strong sense of the value you add to this person?

You’re quiet and don’t speak up to avoid being attacked. This person might even be a subordinate – somebody who works for you (believe me, this happens more than you might think.) You probably sense a lack of ‘parity’– that you don’t have the right to engage with this person at the same level.

Is this the reality, or just the opinion of somebody else who has projected their own feeling of intimidation onto you?To tackle this problem, you need to understand why it is a problem in the first place.Take a look at the relationship you have with this person and how you interact.By working more with this person, you will learn about their default behaviors, and they will about you.In my experience, intimidating people become less intimidating the more we understand them and build a strong relationship with them.

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