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In other words, this means China is being passive ending up with a weaker yuan against the dollar.This passive influence by the strong dollar makes us think a slight depreciation of the yuan against the dollar is more likely than we previously believed, even though we thought this was unlikely. The dollar index has strengthened more than 1.7% year to date, and the yuan against the dollar has also appreciated by around 1.2% which implies that the yuan still has some room to weaken, especially if the dollar keeps strengthening.Wright said she believes as greater flexibility is built into the grid through turning on renewables, coal plants will become increasingly uneconomical to operate."My hope is that in 10 years we have a completely clean grid," Wright said.The depreciation date does not mean a unit's retirement, but rather the date at which the asset is paid off.A report early this month to the Oregon Public Service Commission shows closing some of Pacifi Corp's coal-fired power plants could potentially save the utility company and its ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Aside from economic factors, environmental regulations are hastening the closure of coal plants in the United States, such as the Carbon Plant in Helper five years ahead of schedule.

Although 81 percent of Utah-produced coal stays in state, the ceased consumption of 1.5 million tons at Nevada's Reid Gardner Power Plant, which shut down several units, had its impacts in the Beehive State.

Pacifi Corp is not unaware of the increasingly cheap prices of renewable energy and its availability on the market.

Excess solar energy produced in Utah, Nevada and mostly California is enabling Utah's coal-fired power plants to throttle back operations at levels not seen before.

Pacifi Corp and California ISO, which oversees that state's bulk electric power system, are participating in the Energy Imbalance Market, which uses rapid and sophisticated technology to send renewable energy to customers who are in "demand" for it the most.

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