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The most conspicuous finding of the autopsy was large amounts of fat in large arteries and veins and in the cardiac chambers, as well as intravascular fat in organs, especially the liver.

They claimed that the commission investigating the accident did not mention in their report the irresponsible dispensations on vital equipment requested by Comex and authorized by the diving section to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, which played a vital role in the accident's occurrence.This connection was sealed by a clamp operated by two tenders, who were experienced divers.A third chamber was connected to this system but was not involved.Leaving their wet gear in the trunk, the divers climbed through the trunk into chamber 1.The normal procedure would have been: The first two steps had been completed when, for an unknown reason, one of the tenders (Crammond) opened the clamp before Diver 4 (Hellevik) could close the door to the chamber.

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