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As always, lights and shadows exist and do not allow one to express peremptory judgments.It is undeniable that this discovery, of which we do not fully understand the function, is a symbol of a sacred bird for Egyptian mythology, but it also represents flight - a prerogative of the gods.Perhaps that missing piece at the back of the plane of the pharaoh could reasonably be the tail of the plane (controlling stability and balance), that governs rotation and allows for take-off, ascent, and descent in aircraft. Massimo Bonasorte is an italian investigative journalist, with a university degree in Semitic Epigraghy.Deities were described as having a bird’s appearance and were associated with natural events like thunder or lightning. After many years of work in Italy as freelance and director of archaeological and historical magazines, actually he is the founder and publisher of the...Before anyone tries to reproduce this speak with the FAA, CAA or your aviation authority and join a glider club!!!It’s much easier to build an aircraft than many think, regulation is there for a reason, it keeps everyone safe, they will let you try if you follow the rules and it doesn’t put other air users, people or property at risk!

So if its trying to emulate a bird, the creator can’t see what a birds tail looks like, unlikely!

The state knew this was possible, they used prisons to explore the issues of man lifting kites (more a death sentence for those that they wanted to get rid of that the court had not instructed to be executed but imprisoned), they traded with the Minoans over the silk road, there is an interesting written record of this. I think Icarus and Daedalus might have made a basic weight-shift glider, IF they started with hand launched models to learn the principles.

You could build one of these in a few hours with Minoan build techniques and materials, by the end of the weekend you’ll be gliding nicely.

Cayley, demonstrated all the main principle of a modern day aircraft nearly a 100 years before this, Cambered lifting wing (actually shown above), stabilisers (shown above) , weight shift (balanced weight distribution - needed to get this model gliding) and control surfaces (that this model doesn’t have), then it all went wrong, the pilot (coachman) went across the border to Lancashire (shacking head) and setup what became BAE Systems!

You had manned gliding around 300 years before demonstrated in spain (fixed wing –Moorish polymath) and a bad tower jump - (1 in 3 sink rate) 500 years before this (a monk with the iconic [useless] unflappable wings, you need a fixed wing: arms can’t support the wing loading for any duration– your weight).

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The naturalist-biologist Ivan Terence Sanderson had a completely different outcome during his simulation.

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