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In 2017, he was cast in the thriller film Dismissed as the lead role of Lucas Ward.With the exception of Piggy Banks and Snow Buddies, all appearances prior to 2017 were either roles shared with Cole Sprouse—that is, in which the two portrayed one single character—or projects on which they both worked but portrayed separate characters.Dylan Sprouse played Zack Martin in the show, and Cole played Cody.

Frazer is a lifestyle blogger and a top model for Freedom Models.

They were spotted arm-in-arm in Vancouver, Canada, making everyone think that they were a couple.

Then, in 2014, Dayna Frazer came into Dylan’s life, and things changed for him.

when Dylan was interviewed the interviewer asked Dylan if he really is going out with Miley Cyrus and Dylan said yes.

i don't know if they are dating now or if they used to date, but i know that either they are dating now or they used to date. According to a article in a magazine, Miley kinda like Cody[From Hannah Montana, her on-screen boyfriend] She said that when they were shooting the kiss scene from the show. Without any proof, it hard to belive they are going out. Here's the scan from the magazine: The scan was too large so I just crop that part.

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