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Minnie, my question for you, I watched the four episodes that were sent to us for the second season, and I have to say your scenes with your parole officer and also with your war of conscience are really wonderful.

The second season of this dark F/X drama is premiering on March 18 at 10 PM ET.Even though this is going to be a seven episode season, are there any notions of doing a quick turnaround and launching into a third season well ahead of schedule? Minnie Driver: We might get picked up, we might not.Eddie Izzard: That's an FX kind of question really. Eddie Izzard: The network have their decisions based upon, they talk to the Oracle in Greece, and ... Eddie Izzard: John Landgraf is very passionate about this, and so we're very happy to be at FX.And you really do, do that by there being a cliffhanger at the end of every episode. Now, the more successful we get, the more desperate and dangerous it becomes.The truth, or what that means to each of us, is really at the center of this whole season, and it does lead to a dramatic ending at the end of every show.

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