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The Session.save() method does an INSERT to store the object into the database and it also return the identifier generated by the database.

On the other hand, save Or Update() can be used to reattach a detached object in Hibernate Session i.e.

based upon your requirement for persisting object into Database.

Along with Spring framework Interview questions, Hibernate questions are also quite popular on J2EE interviews because of its status as leading ORM.

Here is an object's lifecycle and state transition diagram in Hibernate which shows that method, the difference between save() and persist() method is that former returns the generated database identifier, a Serializable object but persist() method doesn't return anything. For example: That's all about difference between save(), save Or Update() and persist() method of Hibernate Session interface.

Let's see couple of more differences between save(), persist() and save Or Update() methods of Session interface.

method performs an INSERT operation to store the object into the database, but INSERT will fail if the primary key is already persistent i.e. This is why, you should only call save() with an absolutely new object which doesn't have any database identifier. This is opposite of method, which can do either INSERT or UPDATE SQL query depending upon whether an object exists in the database or not.

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As we have just released the first milestone of the Spring Data JPA project I’d like to give you a quick introduction into its features.

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