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Then there is the issue of immigrant parents new to a country far more liberal in its attitudes toward the issue than the one of origin.

The concept of family and belonging is expressed by events and interactions in the drama.It takes a lot of time and courage; some may take months while others wait for years... Exchange Theory: Family and Marriage Relationships Exchange Theory: Family and Marriage Relationships Human relationship is one of the most unpredictable and disputed phenomenon among all scientific facts and studies.Our interactions with each other build a complicated sphere of life that influence on our breeding, development, growth, physiological estate and perception.Much of what defines the human experience has been, and continues to be our.....they had been living with the wrong person and hence, consider living with someone else before getting married. Young graduates are delaying marriages because they want to be established before getting married.In the present age of economic recession, it is hard for one to find a well paying job while the cost of living is higher than ever before.

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