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Their impatience with abstractions may also explain why they are more apt to be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD than some of the other personality types.ESTPs are generally open and adaptable to new experiences.Thus, ESTPs first instinct is to express themselves via action rather than words.Their relationships are generally built around a breadth of shared activities (Se) rather than extensive, in-depth conversations.ESTPs typically display conventional, even stylish, forms of dress.While their Ti is concerned with functionality and practicality, their Extraverted Sensing (Se) and Fe functions are attuned to the trendy and popular; social status is often a high priority for ESTPs.

And as Extraverts, the outside world serves as their primary source of stimulation.

In attempting to maintain a strong public image, they may be particular about punctuality, dressing appropriately, and behaving according to social expectations.

This image-consciousness contributes to their tendency to score high as Enneagram Threes.

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