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A lot of people are very judgmental of age-gap – and while it is more common to see older men with younger women than the opposite, many would say that I actually participate in creating this mentality.I personally don’t see it that way, but I understand the reasoning.This goes without saying similar trends occur the other way around, fantasies of a younger partner to relive one’s youth, have fun and shed all responsibilities.But how do young Europeans Dating someone significantly below or above your age can be excellent fun. Older men cared less about the stuff I cared about, especially in bed. There were no games, but clear words and communication. For me personally, but never say never, I don‘t know if for a long relationship I could go into either of the extremes. Would a younger guy be prepared and at a stage in his life, when it would align with my wishes?I have on various occasions dated men younger than me, and experienced this problem first-hand.

Now that I think about it with a little more perspective, I think the real difference is simply that no other person, regardless of age, gender, or ear shape, could offer what I was looking for then – or now.

Also, whether I am really feeling it or just mildly interested precisely because of the age gap.

These are key questions, as they will determine the dynamic and timespan of the relationship – it will inevitably get sour if at least one of us is not going through the emotions they declare they are having. Let’s face it – there is nothing like the sharpness and openness of a young mind or the touch of firm skin next to yours.

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I like to think it‘s nice and comforting to be able to tackle age, certain experiences and mile stones together, at approximately the same speed and under the same conditions. I had zero problem with it and it didn’t feel particularly strange.

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