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I would have rather he had looked up racy photos of celebrities or something but the fact that there was person to person verbal contact chats between him and other girls is so uncomfortable.

He is answering all of my questions truthfully and showing me the old stuff on the app as proof to back it up.

I don’t know how, or if, I should try to work this out, understand, or what.

It is VERY difficult to think about throwing away our 2 years of perfection down the drain, and most are telling me that although it is VERY wrong, he is showing that he WANTS to change and stopped on his OWN because he realized it was jeopardizing our relationship, and therefore I should not throw it all away.

Be careful thought cause some times they might be her friends.

There have been rough times, dealing with many women wanting his attention and to be close to him, it gets annoying and I’ve always had boundaries and made him respect our relationship, like when a girl is getting to flirty or crosses a line, he lets them know he has a girlfriend and to stop.

He admitted that instead of talking to me and working through the problems, he would use that as a way to get a quick high, an ego boost, and validation, when he was feeling down about himself in our relationship.

Mostly it was just cheap random chatting with the girls, a few of them he did ask for photos though, and they sent him nude pictures, and to some of them, he sent one back.

He says he has proof that he can change because he has not continued this behavior.

It is now May and he said this all both started and stopped in January, during our rough patch.

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He showed me who the people were and all the photos that were exchanged, as painful and hard as it was for him to show me that and admit it.

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