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Things escalated, with the singer crying and staring at the V. , but since then, Apple’s albums have been six years apart – a highly unusual span for a multi-Platinum artist.Every time she returns with a new record is a welcome surprise – making every album release a triumphant comeback.I knew I had crushes on boys who insisted on sharing their snacks with girls.I knew the monsters I feared weren’t just confined to my closet or the space underneath my bed, but were flesh-and-blood realities I could run into on the playground.Female artists are expected to expose themselves emotionally and physically for public consumption.Fiona Apple's refusal to do so makes her the antithesis of the typical 21st-century musical artist.

The early Jon Brion-produced version of the album had leaked to the internet, but it soon became clear that a proper release wasn’t forthcoming.

And perhaps the most radical thing about her: She does not care if she is forgotten.

In the age of the internet, this is a fear many of us share, but especially our musical artists.

The outpouring of fan love spurred the songstress into action and she promptly began re-recording , it might as well have been the only one – the Mark Romanek-directed video is how the world remembers Apple best: all of 19, lithe and lolling around a poorly lit tract house in her underwear.

Controversy ensued – critics assailed the singer for the creepy porn overtones, comic Janeane Garafalo mocked her for being too skinny.

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