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Basically, I like good navigation and color schemes, as well as useful information but without being crowded out with nonsense that you don’t need to see.A great example of a porn forum that still makes the list but needs work in this department is XNXX – that ugly color is never going to be acceptable for me and it’s incredibly limited in terms of its design.I keep getting asked by people in emails and on comments to explain how I come up with these recommendations and I think it’s about time I did a little talk about the porn forum category, since it’s a little unique compared to the other places that we might take a look at.

Nah – I’m just passionate about finding good stuff and I realize that not everyone has a few hours to devote to comparing all of the places out there that focus on this type of action.This is all relative too though, so a place that focuses on vintage porn doesn’t need as many posts to be competitive as one where the major selling point is amateur uploads.Next, I’m always looking at the design of forums – there are good ones and bad ones and this is a little harder to cover in just a paragraph.Porn Geek will just give it to you straight – like he always does with regard to this type of thing!Look, I’m not trying to be edgy here or anything, but if you don’t take good porn seriously then that’s fine!

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