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The police noted that scammers would use compromised accounts to deceive unsuspecting victims into performing monetary transactions, transferring money over Money Online points, purchasing gift cards and sending over the passwords for the cards which are then sold online.

In May, SPF alerted members of the public about an overseas variant of the Whats App scam reported outside of Singapore.

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SPF added: “The intent of the scammers is to lure these chat group members to post screenshots of their verification codes in the chat group to share that that they are also experiencing the same situation.

The scammers would then take over their Whats App accounts using the verification codes.” People seeking scam-related advice can call the SPF’s anti-scam helpline or visit its Scam Alert website.

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  1. It’s why BPD relationships tend to have a Honeymoon Period. You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case, right? You meet this person who you know can be amazing (your mind is in the future).