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If it comes in a paper packaging that’s not resealable, and you expect that the aromatic will sit in storage for quite some time, transfer the powder into a small glass jar or put the package into a resealable freezer bag. Like pretty much all veggies and fruit, fresh ginger is best stored with its brown skin intact. You can store fresh ginger in the pantry if you plan on using all of it within a few days.

So, the approximate dates for fresh ginger root are about a week in the pantry and about a month in the fridge.Since it’s ground and dried, it should easily last months or years past that date.However, sooner or later, ground ginger will start to lose its flavor.One day you might find that you need to use a ton of it to notice the flavor.That means that it’s best to use the powder within a year or two past the date on the label.

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