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Hi there, I'm pretty new to Exchange 2010, but I thought I'd participate in these forums as a way to get ahead.I'm not sure if autodiscovery plays a part of this, but it might.For web-based distribution make sure the site is up.Exchange 2013/2016Exchange 2013/2016 will only be distributing the OAB via web-distribution. For all versions of Outlook (since 2003) you have two choices, either take Outlook out of cached mode* (so it queries the ‘live’ global address list).Now go back to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OAB\ 10. This means that your Offline Address Book has now been updated, next we will update the clients Address Book and confirm that they have the latest one.

Outlook Address List not showing newly created users or contacts 2.My Outlook 2010 client I've removed the OAB files from and attempted to recreate the address list. It's starting to drive me nuts, does anyone have any insight as to what could be done to remedy the underlying problem?Let me know if you have any questions about this or if I left anything out. Make sure the OAB you are looking at, has been updated from the GAL. If using Outlook, query the GAL directly, or download the latest OAB. Before you do anything send the user you created a ‘Test Email’ from your own account.If you are using Outlook you may be in “Cached Mode”, and you are looking at a copy called the “Offline address book” This only gets updated Every 24 hours, and the copy on the server only gets updated every 24 hours at (by default).

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