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The ground floor of the new building will be dedicated to pediatric imaging, with a new PET/MRI suite and family waiting area.Golisano Children’s Hospital is the first hospital in upstate New York and the first children’s hospitals in the nation to have the innovative technology.The treehouse also serves as the entrance to the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.Visitors and families coming to the hospital can enter the facility through the “clubhouse” located off Irving Avenue and take the elevators directly to the treehouse.Private rooms will not only allow for more space, but also support infection control and enable parents to more actively participate in their child’s care.After renovations, the current NICU will expand in size, housing 24 modernized rooms that will reflect the same accommodations as the new space.

The children’s hospital is named for Rochester-area businessman B. The hospital is located at 750 East Adams St., Syracuse, N. The facility is chock-full of enhanced patient and family amenities, most notably spacious private patient rooms with furniture designed to give parents and family members a comfortable night’s sleep without leaving their child’s side.It is here that families and patients can still be in the hospital, but leave the patient care areas.A cafe, solarium, performance center, chapel and an exhibit space are some of the key elements of this area.The first floor is also home to the Walmart and Sam’s Club Pediatric Lobby, the Sibling Club House, the Ronald Mc Donald House Family Room, a family library and resource center, the Mark and Marcia Siewert Pediatric Conference Room, the entrances to Grace’s Garden and Lauren’s Garden, as well as the connecting corridor to Strong Memorial Hospital.The new Golisano Children’s Hospital will provide our region’s children and their families with 52 private rooms, each about one-third larger than current rooms.

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The Family Resource Center will be an information center for families on all sorts of health-related issues.

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