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The earliest authors mentioning them are Marcus Manilius and Dorotheus of Sidon (both 1. "Kings and queens are born and die during eclipses" – the ancient saying says.

An eclipse consists of a Sun/Moon/Nodes conjunction or opposition (New or Full Moon on the Nodes).

Sep 3, 2019 - There's a chance that incredible luck will befall you, Aries, but nothing will come without hard work on your part.

Don't expect someone else to hand you the treasure chest. Once you start, you may realize that you're much closer than you think. There's a great deal of help for you along the way. Get clarity with a psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes! Get clarity with a psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes!

Each planet and each Ascendant sign is assigned its own color.

Knowledge: Dive into the depths of "Understanding Astrology" Forum: Visit the great Astrodienst Discussion Forum Tem Tarriktar, publisher of The Mountain Astrologer, passed away on July 8th, after a year-long struggle with cancer, and is now traveling through the stars.Since the Lunar Nodes themselves are the intersection point between the Solar and Lunar orbit as seen from the earth, an eclipse occurs when they indeed align exactly on those points.The Sun and Moon can only be eclipsed because from our earth perspective they appear to be exactly the same size.When it comes to love, however, that also involves the things you share with your significant other.As the new year begins, Aries, take a hard look at your relationship. ours” issues, make a New Year’s resolution to start working toward compromise.

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