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Initially only Flagship or high end smartphones boasts these features but as time will progress, we will see both these technologies being equipped on low and mid-range smartphones.

More and more companies and chip manufacturers seem to be interested in GLONASS technology, so more and more smartphones are expected to be launched with this technology.

In order to use this feature of custom gadgets, they do not necessarily have to have an Internet connection (how your software project will be able to receive geo-data is discussed in more detail, below).

In turn, applications that use this data can have completely different purposes: emergency applications, dating and social media applications (such as Nimses), and concierge services (this can be a hair salon, restaurant, car wash - in general, absolutely any public service). There is also a category of applications for which geolocation is not the main functionality, but an additional way for attracting customers (Instagram can be considered a software of this type because the user can specify the location where the photo was taken).

It brings features such as turn by turn navigation, real time traffic data and more.

Up to 2011 the Russian government spent about 5 billion dollars on GLONASS project, and further invested 320 billion rubles ( billion) for the period of 2012 to 2020.

GLONASS is developed by Russia originally started by Soviet Union in 1976.

This has a network of 24 satellites covering the earth.

When used alone GLONASS doesn’t have that strong coverage as GPS has, but when both used together certainly increases accuracy with coverage.

And it is more useful in northern latitudes as Russia started GLONASS originally for Russia.

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