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This shows the type of control that the culture and leaders had over the congregation.

I am not saying that they were coerced but it's worth noting.) I just re-read "The Letter" that Ed Kang wrote to Becky Kim. I am not going to post the letter (do not ask me for it) but some excerpts can be found in the blog archives.

Becky Kim was intimately involved in many details of running all the BBC churches.

She appointed the leaders of the new churches and made reassignments.

Apostle Paul’s response would have been that participating in these temple feasts is to participate in a religious and spiritual activity that had great significance to pagans, to those who actually believed in these idols.

But for the Corinthians to participate in these temple feasts, they aren’t differentiating themselves in any way as Christians, and they are, in a sense, endorsing the worship of idols.

Is it OK to hurt and discard people when they don't serve your purpose as long as you believe that the purpose aligns with the Great Commission?

What does it say about a church when all the staff are home grown (quite incestuous actually) and no one from the "outside" ever obtains a position of influence? Guilt and shame may work for a while, but they can never free us from ourselves.

There are at least seven persons currently on staff at Gracepoint who have changed their names.

The Corinthian Christians are also being foolish by thinking they are not affected by participating in idolatrous activity that goes directly against their claim to be Christ-followers and devoted only to God.

They are opening themselves up to supernatural influences, but acting as if it is a harmless activity.

Given that these temple banquet facilities were the main venues for socially important banquets and meetings, the Corinthian Christians might have justified their involvement in idol feasts held in the banquet halls of idol temples saying that they had to participate in these feasts to keep up socially or economically, for business purposes or for keeping up relationships with people.

They also might have justified it by saying they didn’t believe in idols, and they weren’t sacrificing to idols, so it didn’t have any significance for them if the meat was sacrificed to idols and they can just ignore what their hosts or the other guests thought about the meat and the idols.

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Food eaten at these temple feasts had religious significance because the people saw it as offered to an idol and the idol entering the sacrifice, as opposed to the situation described in verse 27, where an unbeliever might be serving meat that was sacrificed to an idol, but they are not approaching the meal with that same religious perspective as the temple feasts.

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