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When the stele was discovered, its lines of text were already damaged and incomplete, and only referred to Khaf, not Khafre.An extract was translated: Egyptologist Thomas Young, finding the Khaf hieroglyphs in a damaged cartouche used to surround a royal name, inserted the glyph ra to complete Khafra's name.Gaston Maspero, the French Egyptologist and second director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, conducted a survey of the Sphinx in 1886.

Theories held by academic Egyptologists regarding the builder of the Sphinx and the date of its construction are not universally accepted, and various persons have proposed alternative hypotheses about both the builder and the dating.

He proposed the rainfall water runoff hypothesis, which also recognizes climate change transitions in the area. Temple bases his identification on the style of the eye make-up and style of the pleats on the headdress., when the young Thutmose IV (1401–1391 or 1397–1388 BC) gathered a team and, after much effort, managed to dig out the front paws, between which he placed a granite slab, known as the Dream Stele, inscribed with the following excerpt: ...

the royal son, Thothmos, being arrived, while walking at midday and seating himself under the shadow of this mighty god, was overcome by slumber and slept at the very moment when Ra is at the summit [of heaven].

and must therefore predate the time of the pharaoh Khafra.

The hypothesis is championed by René Schwaller de Lubicz (1887–1961), who lived and studied Egyptology for 12 years in Egypt, and by Robert M.

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The sand of the desert whereon I am laid has covered me.

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