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(This mimics other off-color tactics “Morad” has asked his trainees to perform in previous pranks.)All told, the prank is somewhat reminiscent of the trick Cohen played on alum Corinne Olympios.There, as here, it appears the entire purpose of the ploy was to get Rossi and Smiley to partake in offensive stunts—and like Olympios, whose isolation on set made her fear for her life, it appears Cohen’s prank made both Rossi and Smiley worried about their safety.

Rossi told Page Six that the two did not want to do anything that would offend anyone, including their friends—and indeed, for all their nerves about “Morad”’s true identity, the two at least managed to skirt performing any humiliating or offensive material.

They announced the pregnancy in December on an episode of “The Doctors.” At the time, she said, “These symptoms, I gotta tell you.

Man, like I swear, they lie to you about morning sickness.

She then said she went to bed around 3 a.m., and then got up at a.m. Gretchen posted from her hospital bed ahead of the C-section, smiling at the camera in a blue hairnet, with Slade by her side.

It has been a long journey for Gretchen and Slade, who began IVF treatments four years ago.

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She told followers, “I’m going to miss this bump.” She added, “Skylar, I’m going to meet you tomorrow…

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