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I did inform my partners before my new book, came out, and understandably, a few were surprised.

But the majority of the reactions were positive, and they wished me the best.

Still, I felt guilt for betraying my partners' trust.I concealed my virus from my partners and friends for over 15 years until I made a personal commitment to marry these two parts of myself.Before I made the desicion to be open about having herpes, my desire to be loved was so strong that lying became my survival mode.I didn’t want to believe I had an incurable diagnosis, so instead I swept the subject under the rug and pretended it never happened.My boyfriend and I ended up staying together for another year and half after my diagnosis, but things eventually fizzled out and we broke up.

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While I would readily discuss herpes and other viruses over coffee with my study group at Starbucks, I’d simply ignore the fact that we were reviewing and perfecting our knowledge of a taboo sexually transmitted disease that I housed in my own body.

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