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Seychelles explains that she was living peacefully in her set of islands, but that the European nations forced her to enroll at the academy.

She laments at how "terrible" the world is, and at her lack of talents and confidence.

She narrates that the school was founded recently, and that it imparts education to other countries in hopes of achieving world peace.

He warns that if she tries to flee, he'll invade her house.

He tells Seychelles not to be depressed, for maybe they'll have a chance to win against him in the future.

Seychelles muses over how useful a spear would be against England, then wonders if tuna fish and seagulls would help her odds as well.

While in the past, she was rich and strong, she is now poor and useless, only able to sing, dance, and make souvenirs.

Suddenly, she is approached by England, who asks which country she's supposed to be.

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Seychelles then asks China if she can pet his panda...

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