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Like your photo, you will probably want to take some time to consider it.Favourite quotes, personal phrases or indeed anything that you think will capture attention and leave a positive impression are always good places to start!After all, once you've sent your first message, what do you think the other user will do?Of course they'll want to take a look at your profile! There is literally no excuse not have one: every smartphone, every computer and every tablet has a camera.

There’s nothing wrong with having preferences about who should message you, but don’t come off as bitter, angry or overly picky.

The reader must feel drawn by the profile, insofar as they really want to find out more and get to know you.

The number of competitors that you have on dating sites is huge.

AIDS is a set of symptoms (or syndrome as opposed to a virus) caused by HIV.

A person is said to have AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infection, and they develop certain defining symptoms and illnesses.

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This is the last stage of HIV, when the infection is very advanced, and if left untreated will lead to death.

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  1. Knowing this about men should give you some insight into what matters to guys and how you can appeal to his wants and desires. The first step before trying to create your username is to brainstorm everything there is to know about your descriptive CHARACTER TRAITS which could easily describe who you are: • Accepting • Adventurous • Articulate • Bold • Brave • Confident • Compassionate • Daring • Energetic • Joyful 2.