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new phenomenon has become a hot topic on Chinese social media these days.

‘Kua kua’ groups (夸夸群) are chat groups where people share some things about themselves – even if they are negative things – and where other people will always tell them how great they are, no matter what.

Kua kua groups (夸 ‘‘ literally means ‘praise’) have become all the rage in China.

Critics say police bribery has helped perpetrators avoid prosecution. '" Kang said of the women in an interview with Huff Post Korea.The phenomenon has been around for at least six years, but only recently started gaining widespread attention on Chinese social media.According to China’s , virtually every college now has its own ‘praise group.’But the praise does not always come for free.One could say: “Hi everyone, I’ve just turned down a job offer, but now my future is full of uncertainty, please compliment me.” Then people in the chat group will respond and say things such as: “You look like the type of person who knows exactly what they want.”The Kua kua praise group phenomenon allegedly began within the online community of Xi’an Jiaotong University – although some claim it was Shanghai’s Fudan University – when one person asked others in a chat group to compliment them.The idea started to compliment and praise others, and so a trend was born; first, in university (BBS) chat groups, and now on We Chat and beyond the realm of universities.

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