How to make dating fun

When it’s time to start speed dating, take turns grabbing a random question from the jar. You could sneak it in any time you’ve got just a couple of minutes.

Whether you’ve been single for five years or five minutes, you could probably use some help navigating the ups and downs of online dating.

Don’t show your spouse your cards – at the end of the night try to GUESS where each word came from!

On date night, grab a timer and choose a set amount of time. Then, pick a category, hit start and start chatting!

Remember the nerves, the excitement and the energy you had on your first date? We enlisted the help of Cassia from Cassia Leigh Designs to create an invitation and question cards to help your speedy date move quickly and smoothly.

We’ve found a way to help you recreate those first date feelings, no matter how long you’ve been together! I just love the creative doodle borders she included – it totally brings me back to the days of doodling in my notebooks in school!

This is a tough one to pull off sometimes but well worth it.It’s nice to be wanted and even better to be desired.Understanding how you can create that “miss you” factor means you are heading down the right path of building your union strong. Use these practical and clever tips and tricks to make your man miss you and love you more, and you’re going to be a very happy and cherished woman. The truth is, your guy wants to be the only thing that makes you smile, according to relationship experts at If you let him know you’re having fun without him, a night with the girls or maybe a hike with friends, then he’s really going to want to be a part of it all.He’ll have no choice but to want you more and put a plan in place to let you know he’s missing you. In particularly when he’s with another girl you need to flash those pearly whites and act like you are crazy happy with life. What’s important is that you don’t show this to him.If you seem to be totally happy and content, he is going to miss you terribly.

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