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The fact that users often seek A/S/L information in "initial interactions" implies an "emphasis on the physical body online".52% of the MOO character descriptions referenced age, sex, location, or physical appearance.But its user growth problem shows most consumers just aren’t willing (or able) to do that.Telegram groups also require time and effort to track down.“You can’t have an account on Twitter and get famous within a week if you’re not an influencer.

“All this stuff with a following, liking and so on.

So you can always join any group and just start talking in a free way. “It’s what we miss during this Facebook age where everybody is ‘real’. In a game you’re really free — you can express yourself what way you want.

So you never shared your real identity — or it’s under your control. I think that’s a great idea.” “The entry threshold [for Twitter] is enormous,” adds Hardy.

I feel there is a huge opportunity for all the companies around the world to make something based on real-time communication.

It’s more like you will be heard in this chat so you can’t miss a thing. “We want to create a smaller room for every community in the Internet…

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