Interesting questions for speed dating

He could be an exceptional dancer or singer who will always keep you entertained even in the saddest of times. Does he want to breathe in the majestic views of Iceland?Does he want to lure in the sun of the amazing beaches in Maldives?

Tired of hearing those silly one-liners and pickup lines? Defined as an organized method for meeting potentially romantic partners in which participants get to evaluate one another, speed dating is less intimidating than meeting strangers in a bar or a local pub, and a lot safer.

You might find out that he’s a strong vocalist for women rights.

Maybe he enjoys listening to music profoundly or he’s an avid traveler.

Where there are good qualities, there are also bad.

Ask him whether there is anything he would wish to change about himself.

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You can easily meet as many as 25 prospective dates at a single event.

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  1. In relationships, there is a big difference between assigned, assumed, and personal power. They recognize it in each other and know it is a respectful and safe space where everybody stands tall without having to make others feel small.