Intimidating colours

It’s a very basic and important color, but it’s one that needs to be used with moderation.

There are different shades of red that can all represent different feelings as well.

Like color, language is a powerful tool, so please always choose your colors and words wisely.

The color red is most associated with energy, passion, and action.

The positive aspects are that it represents love, activity, energy, attention and power.

The negative aspects refer to aggression, dominance that instills fear, danger and stress.

People wearing red are consistently rated as more attractive by others.burgundy has a dark purple tint to the red and is known to be more sophisticated and serious, it is also the less energetic color out of all the reds.Crimson has very little blue in it and indicated determination to succeed but has a note to it that doesn’t upset people. Scarlet has orange mixed into the red and gives richness and brightness. It is a fun-loving color and a little less intense then a true red.For example, waitresses in red usually get higher tips than those wearing a differently colored uniform.Danger Considering that it draws attention, it’s easy to see why it’s so often used in warning signs.

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