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4) ‘Sometimes when I think about it, I get so lonely and I’ve realised I’m just as scared about death as anyone else and Christ you’ve only one life, and it’s hard to find ‘the one’ ya know? There was a great gif to go with this, but I can’t find it now.

That’s why I’m in this bar again, for the 7th week running, 6 pints into a night out… 6) ‘There’s a prevailing trend of trying to reduce me to the rank of simpleton as a man because of some homogeneous media-driven crusade to situate us as eternal opposites just because of our genders, but I’m presuming you’re smart enough to see through this’.

Cub (n): young boy Culchie (n): a city dweller's name for a country person Cute hoors (n): usually politicians - it implies deviousness and crookedness.

(in this case, I suppose it could apply to a female as well, but almost always the term 'hoor' is masculine.) In Ireland, at least, 'cute' means 'clever' Cuttie (n): young girl Cutty Knife (n): knife for cutting the bread Da (n): father Dander (n): a leisurely stroll Danny boy (n): twenty pounds in money Deadly (a): very cool Deadner, give a (n): to knee someone in the side of their thigh Dear (adj): expensive Dekko (v): look at, inspect Delph (n): crockery, cups, saucers etc Dense (n): stupid - as dense as bottled shite Desperate (adj): terrible Diabolical (a): really terrible Dickey Dazzler (n): an over dressed man Diddies (n): breasts Dig (n): punch or slap Divil (n): devil DNS (n): the Northside (of Dublin) generally or one of its residents Do a Bunk/Flit (v): sneak off, usually to avoid paying a bill, the rent, etc.

Duck's Arse (n): wet fag butt Duds (n): clothes Dummy/Dummy Tit (n): pacifier Dump (taking a) (n): sitting on the toilet, doing a #2 ! Fairy lights (n): another name for Christmas lights Falling from me, it's (phr): polite way of saying "I've got the runs" Fanny (n): female genitalia Far wack, the (n): over on the opposite side.

Eat the head off (v): attack verbally Eatin' house (n): restaurant Eccer (n): homework (from exercises) Eejit (n): idiot Effin' and blindin' (n): cursing and swearing Elephants (n): drunk Erection section (n): slow set at a disco F-word (n,a,v, etc.): used freely, mostly for strengthening an adjective. Fart around (v): to fool around Feck (n): used instead of the other F word Fecker (n): used instead of the other F word Fecky the Ninth (n): complete idiot Fib (n): a lie Fierce (a): very; 'twas fierce cold Fifty (n): stood-up (I got a fifty) 50p lifesaver (n): condom Fine thing/fine bit of stuff (n): admiring comment on member of opposite sex Fire away (v): continue, go ahead Fiver (n): 5 pound note Fla/Flah (n): very attractive person Fla/Flah (v): to have sexual intercourse with someone ( From Irish 'Fleadh' meaning party) Flah'ed out (a): exhausted Flahulach (a): flamboyant, also very generous, throwing money around Flagon (n): large 2-litre bottle, usually cider Flaming (a): drunk Flea Rake (n): a comb Flicks (n): movies, pictures Flied Lice (n): rice (in Chinese take-away accent) Flitters (a): tattered and torn Flog (v): sell Flummoxed (a): puzzled Flute (n): penis Fluthered (a): drunk Fly Cemetery (n): currant bun Flying low, you're (phr): your zip is undone FM (n): Fuckable Mother or MILF Follier-upper (n): a serial at the pictures (movies). Foostering (n): wasting time Foundered (a): freezing cold Frankie (n) : Co Down term for someone from Belfast, usually implying a broad accent and a certain lack of sophistication Fry (n): fried breakfast (typically sausage, bacon, eggs and pudding)Gaa, playing (v): gaelic football [from Gaelic Athletics Association] Gack (n): refers to a foolish or stupid person.

"Wise up ya gack ye." "Those shoes are gacky looking." Gaff (n): house Gallery (n): great fun, someone is a gallery-entertaining person- a mad laugh Galya (n): baby Gameball (exclam): OK Gammy (a): shitty, a load of crap, useless Gander (n): a nosey look Ganky (n): ugly, unpleasant woman (Co.

Dodgy (n): suspect/mechanically suspect Dog's Bollocks / Mutt's Nuts / Puppy's Privates (n): the genuine article / the real deal Doing a line (phr): courting, seeing someone Doing (or speaking) 90 to the dozen (v): going (or speaking) very fast Doing the rat race (v): driving through housing estates to avoid the traffic Donkey's Years (n): a long time - 'I haven't seen him in donkey's years' Doorstep (n): a sandwich made with thickly cut bread i.e.

a mug of rosie and a doorstep Dope (n): idiot, more playful than eejit On the Doss (v): To be goofing off Dosser (n): layabout, useless Dote (n): a lovely little thing, usually a baby or a nice person Down the Swanie (phr): down the drain Doxie (n): a lady of the night who plies her trade on the docks Drain da snake (phr): have a piss, take a leak Drawers (n): underwear, usually ladies' :-) Dressed to the nines (phr): done up, in your Sunday best Drink Link (n): a bank ATM Drop the hand (phr): gain access to a female's nether regions, go below the belt etc.

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