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He believes that the police may have made several mistakes because they were not equipped to handle a high-profile murder investigation.

He also notes that stranger child homicide is a rare occurrence, which would mean that the parents should still be investigated as suspects.

Sadly, Patsy died of ovarian cancer that same year.

It was determined that the ransom note and an apparent practice note had been written on a notepad from the Ramsey home.

I know that we were suspects.” “I remember my mom searching my room that night saying, ' Where's my baby? ’” He added: “I want to honour her memory by doing this interview.

I don't want anyone to forget.” But his manner during the first installment got viewers commenting on social media. Phil Mc Graw told the Today programme last week that Burke's body language could leave viewers suspicious -- but said the haunting memory of his sister's murder likely had an impact on his social skills. "And my impression is he's socially awkward." "People are going to be very interested in his demeanour, and they're going to find his demeanour atypical," Dr Phil continued. There's a part of me that doesn't want to know what's going on.” Jon Benet Ramsey was reported missing on Boxing Day.

He was previously married to Patsy Ramsey and Lucinda Lou Pasch.

Real Name: Jon Benet Patricia Ramsey Nicknames: Jonni B Location: Boulder, Colorado Date: December 26, 1996 Details: On the day after Christmas in 1996, six-year-old Jon Benet Ramsey vanished from her home in Boulder, after her parents found a ransom note demanding 8,000 for her safe return.

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Phil on Monday night, marking the 20 anniversary of Jon Benet’s death.

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